We are a boutique studio located in Destin, Florida, where blue skies meet the blue green waters of the Emerald Coast. Studio Blue specializes in private and semi-private Pilates and GYROTONIC® training as well as small Pilates equipment classes to residents and visitors of Destin and the surrounding communities.

At Studio Blue our main priority is you. Whether you're just beginning your fitness journey, a seasoned workout warrior, an athlete, or recovering from injury (we've got your back...and shoulder, and knee, etc), our boutique-style studio allows us to get to know who you are and what your needs are.

We would love to meet you, so give us a call with any questions and get started today!  


Our Story

Once upon a time in the magical land of Destin, a girl from the North, met a girl from the South.....

Initially, it was a love for teaching Pilates and a shared faith that brought us together. As our small business and friendship grew, we quickly realized that we had similar desires and dreams for the way we wanted the studio to look, feel and grow. This vision propelled us forward, the dream became reality and voila - Studio Blue Pilates was born.

We believe in giving our clients the very best, so we provide top of the line equipment, quality instruction in a spa-like environment with an atmosphere that is friendly, encouraging and fun. Our hope and goal is that you'd feel at home when you walk in the door. Come by and see us and be a part of our Studio Blue family!

Meet The Team

Studio Blue is fortunate to have a talented and fun group of instructors with varying backgrounds, experience and specialties.  Below are biographies of each instructor to help you choose which one might best fit your specific needs.

Laura Foster

Co-owner / Pilates & GYROTONIC Instructor

Laura Foster is a fully certified Pilates and Level 1 GYROTONIC® instructor, with a love for sports and science. She pursued a BS in Health and Exercise Science from Oral Roberts University and immediately began working for an orthopedic and physical therapy clinic in Tennessee. Moving to Minneapolis in 1994, Laura was introduced to the Pilates Method by Lonna Mosow, “the Mother of Twin Cities Fitness”. After one session, she knew she had found a career that incorporated her love of sports fitness and rehab. She completed her first teacher training program and certification with Lonna at the Center for Mind Body Fitness in 1996, and then received certification through the PhysicalMind Institute of NY.

During her 20 years of teaching Pilates, Laura has run successful private practices in Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, and Tulsa. She has studied under some “greats” – Michele Larsson, Jillian Hessel, Mari Winsor – and consistently challenges herself with continuing education courses and additional certifications, such as Pilates for Golf and most recently, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

Laura is an avid tennis player (huge Roger Federer fan), loves spending time with family and friends, reading, traveling and most recently, fantasy football. Laura feels blessed to work in a field she’s passionate about. Empowering her clients to reach their goal is a great source of joy in her life.

To book an appointment with Laura:
(615) 916-0098 or ljfoster68@yahoo.com


Private Pilates and GYROTONIC®
One Session $80
Four Sessions $300
Eight Sessions $580 (must attend at least twice per week)

Semi Private Pilates (priced per person)
One Session $55
Four Sessions $212
Eight Sessions $400 (must attend at least twice per week)

Tori Chiasson

Co-owner / Pilates Instructor

A true Cajun girl, Tori Chiasson was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has over 20 years of dance experience, and has been happily married to her husband Theron of 26 years.

Tori has always loved nutrition and exercise, but was never able to overcome injuries from a car accident that left her in chronic neck and back pain. The pain ultimately caused her to resign as owner of a thriving hair salon. After being introduced to Pilates a few years later, her life changed relative to pain as she found her new passion in health and fitness through Pilates.

Helping others became Tori’s mission and career as she became a certified Stott and Balanced Body instructor including 30 years of teaching many other forms of fitness. She has people in all career backgrounds and health profiles. Helping those with injuries or those who simply want to be in better shape became her life’s passion. Tori’s Pilates career began at The Institute of Healthy Living in Longview, Texas, a premier Wellness Center. Her students love her enthusiasm and passion for them and for the art of Pilates.

Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your steps.”

To book and appointment with Tori:
(850) 279-1689


Private Pilates
One Session $70
Four Sessions $270
Eight Sessions $520 (must attend at least twice per week)

Semi Private Pilates (priced per person) 
One Session $50
Four Sessions $180
Eight Sessions $360 (must attend at least twice per week)

Jennifer Crider

Pilates Instructor


Jennifer is a Stott certified Pilates instructor, teacher and trainer who earned her primary comprehensive certification with Stott Pilates at the Charlotte, NC studio. She has studied both classical and contemporary methods, and welcomes learning opportunities whenever possible. She began teaching in the pilates studio in 2007 and has passionately pursued certifications in Pilates, prenatal wellness,  ballet barre, nutrition, and kettlebells. Jennifer develops workouts for a diverse group of students ranging from the injured to the very fit.   

"I believe Pilates should be fun and functional. I aim to educate my clients on the essence of the movement as this will stay with them long after the session ends and into their everyday life. Once a client starts to incorporate Pilates principles of proper biomechanics and functional alignment into what they do daily, they begin to move with more efficiency. This translates into more energy, less pain, improved endurance and strength, an elated mood, and an increased sense of empowerment. To be able to do what we love more often and with greater ease makes people happier, improves their quality of life and spreads positive energy! This is the essence of Pilates!” 

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Jennifer has found her bliss in Santa Rosa Beach in 2011. When not teaching Pilates you will find Jennifer on the beach, playing outside, in a Crossfit class, biking with her labradoodle Jet, and enjoying life with her daughter Isla and husband Dave.


"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."

— Douglas Adams

To book an appointment with Jennifer:
(850) 797-3335 or alley.jennifer@gmail.com


Private Pilates
One Session $70
Four Sessions $270
Eight Sessions $520 (must attend at least twice per week)

Semi Private Pilates (priced per person) 
One Session $50
Four Sessions $180
Eight Sessions $360 (must attend at least twice per week)

Tammy Crump

Pilates Instructor


Tammy is a Club Pilates comprehensive certified Pilates instructor from Raleigh, NC and holds a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher Certification, as well.  She has studied both classical and contemporary methods and is currently perusing a Balance Body certification. She began her Pilates journey in the mid 90’s and began teaching in the studio in 2017.  Tammy is passionate about learning and holds several more Pilates related certifications that allows her to better serve her clients.  

Tammy has decades of experience coaching multiple sports and tennis was the most recent.  An athlete herself she quickly found the Pilates method beneficial for rehabbing (most recent her own knee surgery), sports conditioning/recovery and body awareness.

"I believe Pilates is for everyone regardless of fitness level or age and should be fun and functional. I love movement of all kinds and feel we must stay moving to feel well.  It is rewarding when a client is truly invested in the process and sees positive improvement in his or her health and wellbeing through Pilates.”

Originally from Chicago, IL and a Raleigh, NC transplant, Tammy recently moved to Destin to help care for her elderly father in-law.  When not teaching Pilates or at home you will find Tammy on the tennis courts or enjoying her family, Jackie, twins David & Elizabeth and husband Dave.  

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals.” ~Joseph Pilates 

To book an appointment with Tammy:
(919) 637-3123 or nccrumps@icloud.com

Janice Harris

Pilates Instructor


Janice comes to us from Tulsa, OK where she owned her own Pilates and ELDOA studio. Janice has traveled from Coast to Coast to get the latest training in Corrective Exercise and Wellness. She now brings her experience of using movement as medicine to Destin. Personally overcoming adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance on her personal health journey. Her powerful, innovative programs have supported countless individuals in accomplishing their personal health and fitness goals as well as pain relief. She loves teaching and inspiring others to enjoy a healthy, fun, energetic, balanced lifestyle. Try one of her Pilates Reformer Classes combined with Myofascial Stretching or ELDOA class - a new way to heal back pain this class will provide you with the knowledge and tools to rehabilitate but also prevent back injury and degeneration.

Personal and Private Instruction

Pilates is a personalized sport - it can be modified and altered to meet anyone's individual needs! That's part of the reason why Pilates is such a special journey for each person. Students learn about their bodies, build body awareness, face and overcome personal challenges, and more! If you are a beginner, and new to the world of Pilates, it is highly recommended that you first take private instruction so you can build your knowledge of the Pilates Fundamentals, as well as build your confidence before entering a group environment.


Private Sessions

Individualized instruction utilizing all of the Pilates equipment and mat work is the most effective way to achieve results in your body. If you are new to Pilates or have an injury you are overcoming, private lessons are essential to learning the method correctly. Private instruction offers you complete one- on-one attention from your instructor and allows you to move and learn at your own specific pace.

Private session with Instructor

Single | $70

4 Sessions | $270

8 Sessions | $520
(must attend at least twice per week)

Private Sessions with Laura Foster, click here

 Semi - Private Sessions

Semi-private sessions are private sessions designed for small groups of people, usually friends or family that are motivated by working out with someone else. You’ll receive individualized instruction and the sessions can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to everyone.

SEMI-PRIVATE Sessions with Instructor

Single | $50

4 Sessions | $180

8 Sessions | $360

Private Sessions with Laura Foster, click here


What To Know

Sessions are 50 minutes.

Packages of 8; must attend twice per week.

Packages are non refundable and expire in 3 months

24 hour cancellation notice is required.

Less than 24 hours notice, payment is required in full.

First time students should arrive 15 minutes early.

Group Instruction

Practicing Pilates in a group setting is often fun and encouraging. You get to experience the dynamics of a group and learn from others! If you are new to Pilates we recommend taking a few private lessons to learn the fundamentals and become familiar with the language and equipment. 

Multi-Equipment Class

The equipment work was originally designed by Joe to enhance clients' experience with the mat work. The Reformer, Tower, and Chair utilize spring tension which acts as resistance that can be varied to make an exercise either more or less difficult and intense. As with all Pilates classes, you will achieve a complete body workout with emphasis placed on strengthening the core. This class is designed for those with prior experience on Pilates equipment. For your safety it is recommended that participants take either 2 or 3 private lessons prior to joining class.



Single | $35

Package of Four | $130

Package of Eight | $240

Class Schedule


8:30 Int/Adv

9:30 Int

10:30 Beg/Int

12:30 Reformer/Eldoa Combo


8:30 Int/Adv

9:30 Int/Adv

11:30 Beg/Int

12:30 Beg


8:30 Int/Adv

9:30 Int

11:30 Int/Adv

12:30 Reformer plus Stretch & Release


8:30 Int/Adv

9:30 Int/Adv

11:30 Beg/Int

12:30 Beg


8:30 Int/Adv

9:30 Int

10:30 Beg/Int


9:30 Reformer Stretch & Release

What to Know

Classes are 50 minutes.
Packages of 8; must attend twice per week.
Packages are non refundable and expire in 3 months.
24 hour cancellation notice is required.
Less then 24 hours notice, payment is required in full.
First time students should arrive 15 minutes early.

The Pilates Method

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is the art of strength, stretch and control. Legendary physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates developed this unique exercise program in the 1920s. It is a full body conditioning system designed to develop and improve strength, flexibility, posture and coordination. A series of more than 500 movements engage both the mind and the body and are performed on specialized exercise apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates and supervised by certified instructors.

Unlike many training programs, Pilates works the whole body, emphasizing control, precision and concentration in both the mind and the body. Movements are not performed rapidly or repeated excessively instead, the focus is on quality not quantity. The abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks ("powerhouse") serve as the center of all movement, allowing the rest of the body to move freely. This focus on core stabilization makes one stronger from the inside out and is critical for the advancement of the client.

The low impact nature of Pilates makes it ideal for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Its six principles: concentration, control, centering, breathing, flow and precision - train the body to move efficiently with minimal impact on the body. The balance between strength and flexibility creates a healthy, vigorous and symmetrical workout for all muscle groups resulting in a leaner, more balanced, and stronger body.

What is GYROTONIC® Exercise?

Romainian dancer, Juliu Horvath, devised the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® to help rehabilitate his back and Achilles tendon.  GYROTONIC® is a 3 dimensional exercise taught on unique weight and pulley based equipment in the principles of yoga, dance, tai chi, and swimming.  The series of exercises are circular, fluid, and playful while opening the joints, mobilizing the spine, and strengthening the muscles of the entire body. 



Benefits of GYROTONIC® Exercise

  • Promotes strong, lean muscles

  • Increases flexibility, coordination and balance

  • Enhances joint mobility and articulation

  • Improves posture

  • Perfect for improving mechanics and body awareness for golfers, skiers, and tennis players

  • Ideal for integrating strength and flexibility for runners, swimmers, gymnasts, martial artists, and dancers

  • A non impact, weight bearing exercise program for all ages


What's the Difference between Pilates and GYROTONIC®?

  • Pilates is more 2 dimensional and linear; GYROTONIC® is more 3 dimensional with spirals and arcs and there is no end point in the movements.

  • Pilates requires more fine tuned control;  GYROTONIC® requires more control through a larger range of motion.

  • Pilates focuses on alignment control;  GYROTONIC® works on "releasing" and exploring the limits within a controlled range.

  • Pilates equipment uses a spring resistance system;  GYROTONIC® equipment relies on pulleys and weights.


GYROTONIC® and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.


  • Can anyone do pilates?

    • Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise is beneficial for people of all ages, fitness levels and body conditions (i.e. lower back issues, scoliosis, and pregnancy). The methods are like a bridge between physical fitness and physical therapy and our instructors can adapt, modify and customize a plan for each individual's specific needs. Some advanced moves and sequences will challenge the most elite athlete and yet others are manageable for those beginning their fitness journey or dealing with an injury.

  • I'm a beginner. How do I start?

    • If this is your first time trying Pilates or GYROTONIC®, we highly recommend that you start by scheduling a private lesson with an instructor. This will allow you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals, become familiar with the equipment, as well as for your instructor to develop an individualized training plan for you. Afterwards, you can certainly continue with private instruction or move into a group class.

  • What should I wear?

    • Women should wear clothes that are tight enough that the instructor can see your body, but that you can still move in. Leggings and a tank top are a great option. For men, a t-shirt and long pants or shorts will do, but no short running shorts please (unless biking shorts are worn underneath). Also, classes are sans shoes, but you can wear socks if having bare feet freaks you out.

  • How long are classes?

    • All private sessions and classes are 50 minutes in length.

  • How Do I Sign Up?

    • For classes, please call or contact the studio. For private instruction, you may take a look at the instructor bios to find the right teacher to meet your individual needs. You may contact them directly or you may also contact the studio to help you in your decision.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    • If you must cancel your scheduled class, please do so 24 hours in advance to avoid a full-service charge. While we understand that unforeseeable circumstances and illnesses do occur, our 24-hour cancellation policy remains in place.



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